Who will benefit from EERQI?

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In addition to the EERQI Consortium partners, their respective parent institutions and member organisations, the following persons, institutions, organisations and bodies are expected to benefit from the EERQI project results:

  • Universities throughout Europe, especially their administrations, funding bodies, policy-making bodies,
  • Researchers, Research Associations, Students in educational research, as well as those in other social and economic sciences and the humanities,
  • National higher education and research funding bodies in the EERQI Partner countries (Germany, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, and Switzerland) as well as in other European countries and beyond,
  • Assessment and evaluation committees on the institutional, regional, national and international levels both in Europe and beyond,
  • Research institutions, learned societies in educational research and related fields, as well as in other social and economic sciences and the humanities,
  • Policy makers,
  • Funding institutions,
  • Publishers in the social sciences, the economic sciences and the humanities,
  • The European Science Foundation,
  • ERA and ERA-NET,
  • Various other European and national projects with related topics.
  • All national and international organisations and institutions beyond European boundaries which are involved in research evaluation and relevance assessment of scholarly publications.