Information for Publishers

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The role of publishers in the EERQI Project is both particular and crucial: In contrast to any similar project thus far, EERQI has been supported and in part initiated by a core group of European publishers who are aware of the problems EERQI has undertaken to solve. Without the contribution of the publishers, the aggregate content base upon which new criteria for relevance assessment and quality indicators for scientific publications will be tested, could only contain items submitted by individual authors and results of a search engine harvesting of the Internet. This would simply not suffice to guarantee the validity of the project’s new indicators.

The publishers involved in this consortium have already committed their electronic full text data and metadata for books, book chapters and journal articles, and we welcome further contributions and participation of other relevant European publishers. Ideally, we strive for as complete a set of European educational research resources as possible in electronic form. Furthermore, publishers will participate in producing the legal framework for the three-year project, and their viewpoints will be a key aspect in developing the EERQI sustainability plan.

Please contact us if your publishing house is interested in contributing to the EERQI Content Base and / or in joining the legal framework and sustainability plan development.