The Impact of the EERQI Project

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1. It integrates all major stakeholders'view points: publishers, authors, researchers, technical specialists, national document centers, national research funding agencies, higher education administration, etc.
The new indicators – once tested and verified for their effectiveness and reliability – can be used in evaluation procedures for topical impact within a field, institutional impact, institutional evaluation, evaluation of funding applications, research areas of emphasis and for evaluation purposes and policy decisions not yet envisioned. Ex post evaluation and ex ante impact assessment can then be more accurately applied.

2. The use of a variety of methods and combinations of sets of indicators will produce a more effective assessment of quality in research publications.
The EERQI method of developing research quality indicators introduces new types of differentiated quality measurements: using text analysis and semantic analysis methodologies, looking at combinations of indicators for quality determination in certain contexts.

3. The multilingual environment in Europe is reflected in the Project.
environment in Europe and thus a contrast to the dominant trend to reward research publications in English-language journals only. At the beginning of the project, texts in four languages will be analysed: English, French, German and Swedish. Later in the project, the same analytic techniques will be applied to other European languages.

4. The visibility of European research will be amplified.
By means of the new differentiated research quality assessment methodologies as well as by taking into account Europe’s linguistic diversity, the worldwide visibility of European research will be promoted. This impact of the EERQI project is very much aligned with the goals of the European Commission as set forth in the Green Book, and with the further development of ERA-Net and ERA-Net Plus. EERQI will also contribute to expanding the profile of the ERA-Net and ERA-Net Plus.