EERQI 2nd Workshop (Geneva)

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The 2nd EERQI Workshop will take place on 17 & 18 September at the University of Geneva.

The intermediate EERQI research results (new sets of indicators and new methodologies) will be discussed within the scientific community. 

Since April 2008, the European Educational Research Quality Indicators (EERQI) project has sought to develop new indicators and methodologies for determining the quality of educational science research. New technology enhances the process. Eclipsing the usual bibliometrics, this new approach takes into account multiple educational research methodologies in a multilingual framework suited to Europe. Once validated, the proposed standards might also be applied to other social sciences. Now three quarters of the way through, the project enters an important new stage with this second workshop. This will be an opportunity to review progress and discuss findings. The two-day workshop will include meetings, workshops and a round table discussion about such central matters as, Technical issues of harvesting data and search and query engine

  • Bibliometric issues: relationship among keywords, abstracts and full texts
  • Indicators and various approaches to Use Cases applications
  • Multiple methodologies in educational sciences
  • Validity, durability and usability from the Europe perspective.

Find here the Agenda of the Workshop.

Find here the Report about the Outcomes of the Workshop.

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