What makes EERQI unique?

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1. The Members

EERQI brings all major stakeholders together to pursue a common goal. Researchers, publishers, technologists, documetation centers etc.

2. The Content Base

In contrast to traditional quality measurement instruments, EERQI will draw upon a content base which

  • contains all European research publications in electronic format in the field,
  • includes
    • commercially available items (publishers contributions), and
    • freely available (open access) materials,
  • includes books, book chapters and journal articles.

3. The Methodology

EERQI will

  • not only look at one type of measurement (i.e. citation frequency, journal impact factor, usage statistics etc.), but
  • consider the combination of measurements and indicators which can yield a more objective assessment of relevance,
  • consider the contest of the evaluation procedure,
  • take the multilingual nature of European scientific research and publication into account.

4. The Approach

EERQI's approach is marked by flexibility, transparency and innovation - and European: Multilingual, multilateral, multicultural and multidimensional. These four aspects distinguish the EERQI indicators and the EERQI prototype framework from other research assessement and citation analysis tools.